It's all About the Creativity

A little about our mission and founders

Our Mission at Paint

Our mission at Paint is to help inspire the artist within us all but providing materials and the steps needed to create your very own unique creations. We are not only teaching you step-by-step art instructions, but intend to help teach you how being creative can help you grow confidence, help to aid healing and enjoy a fun outlet of expression.

Cheri Marie


Always creative and caring, constantly wanting to share her talent with those around her, Cheri is a true art entrepreneur. Her goal has always been to help others express themselves artistically and find their inner artist. With her background of owning Brush Tips Art Studio, teaching group art instruction, her mind has been set on going bigger and reaching people further than just in her local area. After many long days and much needed soul searching, the idea for Paint was born. Now sharing how to create has expanded across the country with hopes of going even further.

Abigail Sweigert


A life long artist with a passion for teaching art skills. She worked as a graphic designer all through college and started her own company for marketing before starting Paint. She still owns and operates AS CustomWork, designing marketing materials for small businesses and creating custom art work. She volunteers her time to help in the community and strives to bring art to everyone. Abigail is loved by many of her students and her passion in life is to spread joy through her art.