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Paint + Craft Subscription Boxes

The materials you need and access to our digital tutorial library, helping you to create art that fills your soul.

It's about being the best artist you can be for yourself!


Proud Sister Company of Brush Tips Art Studio

How It Works!

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Get your first time box and/or schedule your monthly subscription to create at your own pace.

2. Get Creative

Follow along with our newest tutorial or choose your favorite from our ever growing digital library

3. Share your Art

Gift your art or share photos with your family and friends. Maybe even enter to be featured in our Monthly Artist Spotlight.

What Everyone's Saying


I ordered paint monthly for my grandkids and they just can’t get enough.

The directions are easy to follow and the video is quick and easy. Highly favored in our family.

 Joan Kellar  


My first order was a craft kit and I just fell in love. Even my husband enjoyed helping me. 

We did a cute little sea turtle. The next order I made sure to get an extra for my hubby. Thanks Paint for these amazing kits. 

 Sydney Fogal 

I’m a single dad and don’t really have crafting in my blood. When I heard about Paint Subscription Box I checked it out and ordered for my daughter and I. We painted together a few times and recently I started getting us the craft kits also. We have a painting and craft to do the weeks she is with me. Thanks Paint for helping my daughter and I connect on the art level.  

 Austin Michaels  

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Come join us as we move along this creative journey of being messy, making mistakes and enjoying new found talents with art! 


When will my box be delivered? 

We know how excited you are about receiving your Paint Subscription Box! All subscription boxes begin mailing on the 5th of every month and will arrive within 3-5 days after shipping.

When will I be billed for my subscription?

 On the 15th of every month.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, Just remember, once a box is shipped, we can not refund your account until we get the box returned. Simply write return to sender on the box and give it to your local carrier. 

Can I order just once?

 Yes, but we know you will want more! Check out up and coming projects on our What's New page.

Can I take a break and re-subscribe?

 Yes, always. Being creative is fun, but sometimes we need to rest. 

Are all the supplies included in the subscription boxes, craft kits, and painting kits? 

Almost all material are included. Extra supplies such as glue sticks, glue guns, easels, and aprons can be bought separately. Extra paint and brushes can also be purchased separately on our web page. 

Do I have to follow all the directions and use the same colors?

 No. We encourage you to get creative. It's your masterpiece!

How do I clean my brushes?

Rinse in warm water with a mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Do not bend or brake bristles. This will effect the longevity of your brush and make using them challenging. If your brushes feel crunchy, trying using a brush conditioner or murphy's oil soap. 

Does acrylic paint come out of clothes?

 Yes, but only if it is rinsed within a couple minutes after contact with fabric. If missed and unrinsed right away, fabric will stain. We recommend using an apron when painting or crafting to protect your clothes.